Evolution of the Midwifery Education Program in Response to Legislative Amendments to the Midwifery Drug Regulation in Ontario


Crestina L. Beites, PhD

Recent new amendments to the Midwifery Drug Regulation in Ontario have given registered midwives in
the province the much anticipated and much needed authority to independently prescribe from an
extended list of drugs. These legislative changes have steered and focused the pharmacotherapeutics and
science curriculum of the Midwifery Education Progam (MEP) in Ontario. The aspects of the curriculum
that have evolved with the goal of delivering a solid foundation in the concepts of pharmacotherapeutics
in pregnancy and a good understanding in the principles of prescribing in pregnancy are discussed.
Perspectives for continuing professional development and competency in pregnancy
pharmacotherapeutics are also provided.

Drug therapy, pregnancy, education, prescription drugs; midwifery


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