Growing Midwifery in Manitoba

Margaret J. Haworth-Brockman, BSc

This is a personal narrative of the story of midwifery in Manitoba and of some recent events leading to regulation. I have been involved with midwifery in this province for nearly 15 years, first as a consumer advocate, then as a mother who chose midwifery care for the birth of her four children, and later as a member of the Midwifery Implementation Council. This is the first and second of a series of four papers that will document some of the events and decisions that shaped the practice and availability of midwifery in Manitoba, with a focus on the efforts made, and the challenges encountered, in keeping the process and results women-centred. Part 1 provides a brief overview and sets the context for the following three papers. Part 2 looks at steps and challenges in including equity and access principles in the regulation process. Parts 3 and 4 will tell the stories of the education and integration.

This article has been peer-reviewed. 


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