Graduates' Views of the Ontario Midwifery Education Program

Karyn Kaufman, RM DrPH Mary Lou Schmuck BA Patricia McNiven RM PhD Mary Sharpe RM PhD Roberta Soderstrom RM MLSc

A survey of all graduates of Ontario's Midwifery Education Program was done in 2003 in order to obtain their views about the adequacy of their preparation for professional practice, the satisfaction with program features and future educational aspirations. The respondents (123 of 181[68%] graduates) were nearly all working as midwives, most were working full time and more than half had been preceptors for students since the time of their own graduation. The most highly rated Program features were biological science courses, final year clinical courses, small group tutorials and skilled preceptors. The aspects of the Program that were most stressful were balancing the high demands of the Program with family responsibilities, relocating for clinical placements and having difficulties with preceptors. Overall, graduates felt well prepared for professional practice. All graduates reported undertaking continuing education and many were interested in master's level courses or programs. The crucial role of preceptors in students' educational experiences was reinforced by the survey results. Resources for preceptor development continue to be a high priority.

Education, midwifery, graduates, Ontario, preceptors

This article has been peer-reviewed.


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